The Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles remains one of the College’s strongest alumni organizations, one that is enormously indebted to its talented and energetic volunteer base. On occasion, we have volunteer and leadership opportunities available, and we’d warmly welcome your participation—in fact, we’d encourage it! Whether you’d like to become actively engaged, or just have a few hours here and there, there are myriad ways that you can become involved.

Events Committee

The Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles has long been known for its events. The DCLA always has numerous event offerings and activities; however, we can always use help developing, organizing, and running our programs. We welcome creative types with strong event planning skills. Join the committee by contacting the chairperson.

Chairperson: Chris Takeuchi ’09 at Events@dartmouthla.org

Membership Committee

Each year, membership contributions play a significant role in DCLA’s ability to plan high-value events and programs for our audience. As an entity that is independent from Dartmouth College, DCLA survives on the generosity of our local alumni. This committee is charged with designing and executing both our new and renewal membership campaigns. Join the committee by contacting the chairperson.

Chairperson:  Michael Burbank ’13 at Membership@dartmouthla.org

DCLA Communications

The DCLA regularly posts special announcements, networking opportunities, and event updates. The committee also sends mailings and e-newsletters to all members in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We utilize a number of different communication channels to do so, including an up-to-date website and mobile-site, email, newsletters, and social networking venues.

The DCLA database is set up such that managing your subscription to all Club communications is easy. To be included, simply follow one of these steps:

  • Update your email address and contact information in the Dartmouth Alumni Directory, or
  • Email your name, Dartmouth class, email address, and contact information to the Alumni Records Office, or
  • If you’d prefer to have your DCLA communication sent to a different email address from what the College has on file, or you wish to have communication sent to an additional email address, please send an email outlining your request to info@dartmouthla.org.

To view our DCLA Spring 2016 Printed Newsletter, click here.

  Marco Chu ’11 at Info@dartmouthla.org
Newsletter: Jared Cohen ’98

Young Alum Committee

The DCLA Young Alumni Committee organizes activities for fellow young alumni (the ten most recent undergraduate classes) such as pong tournaments, BBQs, hikes, and networking events. Join the committee by contacting the chairperson.

Chairperson:  Chad Hollis ’12 at YoungAlum@dartmouthla.org

Alumni Interviewers

Interviewing Dartmouth applicants is among the most gratifying, enjoyable, and important ways to give back to the College. You and others on your interviewing team present prospective students with the College’s human face. You have the opportunity to meet Dartmouth’s future as well as fellow alumni. And, of course, you serve as the Admissions Office’s eyes and ears in learning more about the applicants.

Interviewers typically give an evening in early November to talk to Early Decision Candidates, and one or two evenings during January and February for Regular Decision applicants. Some do more. Some do less.

The DCLA currently sponsors two receptions a year. We host one in early spring for admitted students. We hold a second reception in the summer for matriculating students and their parents.

Become an alumni interviewer by contacting one of the enrollment directors. Want to see how easy it is to interview? Click here.

Los Angeles Enrollment Directors:
Bob Jamieson ’75 and Kim Buresh ’90 at Interview@dartmouthla.org

Philanthropy Committee

Serving the Los Angeles community alongside other Dartmouth friends and families is a DCLA passion. Help organize DCLA community services projects in the greater Los Angeles area. Join the committee by contacting the chairperson.

Chairperson:  Maggie Lin ’11 at Philanthropy@dartmouthla.org

Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to organize, motivate, and assess the performance of officers and directors, and to ensure the continuing ability of the Board to exercise its responsibilities at the highest level of excellence.

The responsibilities of the Governance Committee include the design of the composition of the Board to meet the governance demands of the Club; develop a statement of criteria for determining appropriate attributes for officer and director candidates; develop a schedule for the regular assessment of director performance; and develop practices and recommend strategies and policies to attract, orient, organize, and motivate officers and directors, including programs that continue the commitment of former members of the Board. Join the committee by contacting the chairperson.

Chairperson:  David Eichman ’82 at Governance@dartmouthla.org

Alumni Council

The Dartmouth Alumni Council is a group of alumni made up of representatives from the alumni constituencies, including the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles. The Council acts as a liaison between the alumni body and the Board of Trustees of the College — but, in particular, like to see ourselves as your eyes and ears, traveling back to campus to listen, learn, and then share the learning we have gathered. We meet twice a year to discuss all issues pertaining to Dartmouth.

To read the latest report from your Alumni Council representative, click here.

Alumni Councilor:  The Honorable Eric Taylor ’84

Inter Club Representatives

The DCLA works closely with a number of affiliated, professional, and special interest alumni clubs associated with Dartmouth College. These representatives serve as the official liaisons between the DCLA and the College’s other alumni organizations. Join the committee by contacting a representative.

Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA):  Kyle Battle ’11
Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment and Media Association (DAEMA): TBD
Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni (DALA):  Eduardo Najera-Ortega ’14
Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (DAPAAA): Marco Chu ’11
Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) / Thayer:  Susan Marki ’82
Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Alumni Association (DGALA):  David Eichman ’82
Dartmouth Lawyer’s Association (DLA):  Radha Kulkarni ’09
Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni (DUSA):  Winnie W. Huang ’92
Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth (NAAAD): Sonya Frisina ’89
Tuck: Courtney Jane T’92

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