Girdled Earth

‘Round the girdled earth they roam…

Traveling for work or pleasure?  The Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles is pleased to showcase a sampling of alumni activities hosted by some of the 90 alumni clubs ’round the girdled earth. These events are a wonderful way to reconnect with fellow alumni or meet new ones while supporting other Dartmouth clubs and expanding your Dartmouth network.

Dartmouth Club of Central Ohio

Learn Olympic Curling and Ivy Alumni Happy Hour

Saturday, January 20th at 3:00pm
Columbus Curling Club

You always wanted to visit East Asia. You also always wanted to win an Olympic medal. Well, a friendly reminder: the next Olympic Winter Games are but a few weeks away. And they’re in Pyeongchang. Thus, it’s time to discuss curling. Join Dartmouth alumni as we sweep the ice at the Columbus Curling Club, a full-tilt curling facility for trying out your competitive stones-pushed-on-ice legs. Read more

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